Jonterri Gadson

Dodge Poetry says:

 Jonterri Gadson previously served as the Herbert W. Martin Post-Graduate Fellow in Creative Writing at the University of Dayton and has also received scholarships and fellowships from Cave Canem, Bread Loaf, and the University of Virginia where she received her MFA in Creative Writing. She is a graduate of the Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop. She writes for an all-female comedic panel show and her comedy writing earned her selection to the 2016 NBC Late Night Writer’s Workshop.  She currently serves as Assistant Professor of Creative Writing/English at Bloomfield College in New Jersey.


The Rumpus says that her chapbook, Pepper Girl “is full of direct addresses: prayers, appeals, confessions, epistles, and marching orders. Balancing pathos and wit, they give voice to the narrator’s vulnerability.”

description: a hospital bed becomes a symbol of stability and flexibility while the narrrator’s child is in a hospital psychiatric ward:

Virginia Baptist
Holy bed, twin & tiny, teach me
how to be firm with his body,
but to yield for his spirit,
give me something to carry home
long after morning when he’s risen,
once you’ve sprung back & forgotten
his shape, his weight,
how much to give to hold him. “



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