Introduction || Conclusion

The Signature workshop really helped me shape my view on writing. I was an adamant fiction writer: I wrote novels (long, long novels). That’s what I do. But I had so much fun writing poetry, expanding my horizons. I feel like I developed a sense of the kind of poetry I love: I love biological metaphors, dark, earthy feels. I love how I can expand on the imagery I write in my fiction. I also have tried to write many genres — romance, action, fantasy, mystery during this time. I really love writing any genre (save from horror) with a side romance plot (because it’s my guilty pleasure). I think I’m the most comfortable in writing action and romance. I drew inspiration from a lot of music and books. Some books that really inspired me were: An Ember in the Ashes, All the Rage, and It Ends With Us.

Since I write novels, I sometimes feel like the pacing of my plot in shorter pieces is either too fast or too slow. I think the love of poetry everyone has has influenced me to develop one of my on too.

I love exploring human relationships and connections because I think that is what makes us special. At the same time, I think that it is also interesting to look at what can go wrong in those relationships.

I think every piece of writing I write has a part of me. Apart from the non-fiction piece, a lot of the poetry I have reflects the insecurities I have in small amounts.


I really hope to go to a writing camp and explore my style and what parts of writing fits well for me in the summer. I’m very excited to take the novella course this winter so I can work on the planning and pacing of a book! I think for my Capstone project, I’ll keep working about the strings of human emotions and what makes us, well, us.


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