the taxidermy of human emotions

I cannot love you.

They say that love is a preservation;

Hearts locked in specimen jars,

Brain dissected and limbs unscathed.

But the word love said out loud –

eternal, everlasting, endless,

is not an emotion.

Nor a preservation.

It is nothing but a cage made up of 26 steel bars.

It is a taxidermy of emotions locking hearts in specimen jars.

The taxidermy of human emotions

is clinical like a 10-blade making the first cut through skin,

Removal of organs, cutting through the cage made of twenty six steel bars

The smell of formaldehyde seeping into the latex gloves.

A lion is ephemeral but feared.

A taxidermied one is eternal but displayed.

I cannot say I love you;

I don’t love you.


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