queen of underworlds

HADES kiss her freckles, chart them against the constellations that have never been seen. lips on hair laced with roses. was the journey to hell worth it? PERSEPHONE fingertips against skin, map out the whole blueprint of the underworld lay a wreath of flowers on the dark crown of his head. can you see me […]

the martian and the ohioan

The Martian and the Ohioan sit side by side on a piece of wood, looking at little things that buzz around. The Martian has never seen anything like it. “What’s that?” The Martian asks. The Ohioan casually shrugs. “Meatballs.” The Martian and the Ohioan sit side by side on a comfortable object that looks like […]

cracks in the mirror

the face in the thin reflective pane stares back at her. there is a crack, and she cannot help but think that she lives in it. lives in between the words of (i love you) and (please kill me). between (stop) and (start). and after a few shots of vodka (one-two-three-four-five-six-seven – ) and after […]

a confession

i hold two pieces together; 2. at the same time i tear them apart how did you think that you could heal his woulds when you haven’t stopped bleeding?   he: is a lightning rod just waiting for bad weather; rumble of thunder.   she: rumble of thunder just waiting for the flash that struck […]